Loan : credit solution

We all know that loans are accompanied by interest, fees and charges that can be considered barriers to opt for this modality. But, it can be a solution to be able to repay a debt or acquire a good.

Despite this, when your only option is to go to a bank or a financial institution and borrow money, you need to evaluate which one is right for you and if you can pay interest rates that are not so abusive.

One option for those in this situation is Fininvest. The company acts with credit for people who have certain difficulties in getting a loan. They can be retirees, self-employed and pensioners of the INSS.


It is an Italian company that is part of the Fininvest Group, considered one of the largest credit cooperatives in the world, created by politician Silvio Berlusconi.

It was a financial company, which operated not only with lines of credit, but also came to be made up of a bank and a credit card company. It was once one of the largest companies in the finance business with more than 260 stores in Brazil.

The financial was bought by Itaú Unibanco when it had more than 40 years in the area, and has tradition in the credit market. As Fininvest was bought, their credit cards also migrated, becoming Itaucard.


When acquiring a loan it is necessary to know the financial well.

Services offered

Services offered Itaú / Fininvest


After the financial is fully incorporated into the bank, the services offered by it will be available at Itaú. They are the most varied lines of credit, as well as credit cards that are offered to account holders and non-account holders.

Those looking for financial solutions such as personal loan, property financing, car financing, credit for renovations, travel and emergency situations are looking for the right place.

Is she trustworthy?


Because it is a merger with a bank of tradition, which is always seeking to grow and improve in the market, it can be said that yes, the brand continues being reliable, following with its tradition and respecting the consumers, being thus elected in the year 2007 and 2008 as one of the most trusted among customers.

Itaú is Brazil’s largest private bank and operates in more than 20 countries serving nearly 60 million customers worldwide, proving once again the bank’s credibility with the client.

Some of the facilities offered for the client to carry out the loan with Itaú is the payment method, which can be up to 57 months. The first installment of the loan is only paid after 3 months in addition to the customer choosing the due date, which helps to leave you closer to your receipts.

If you have been interested in these services and want to check a little more about how these credits work or even do a loan simulation, you can access directly on the Itaú Unibanco website . So you have access to all the services mentioned above, and you still find an agency that is close to you .