How to get a loan?

Financial company, which has more than 30 products for companies, individuals and stores. It has been in the market since the 90s, and nowadays it is very renowned and known.

Currently, it is accepted in more than 2 million establishments, with more than 5 million cards delivered and still has a partnership with Cielo and Rede.

Sorocred offers several loans in a simple and fast way.

Types of Personal Loans 

Unsecured Personal Loan

Unsecured Personal Loan

One of the advantages of personal loan is that all procedures are done online.

And it is well worth it for anyone who needs quick and easy money. The credit release is up to 24 hours on weekdays. And can be split up to 15 times.

Credit card

Also has analysis done online. The person has 40 days to pay, without interest. And the annuity is only charged in the months in which it is used. In addition, it has no membership fee.

How does the loan at work?

Sorocred offers many advantages for people who are customers of the company and have the credit card.

These customers have a pre-approved credit that can be split up to 15 times and is released on time to your bank account as requested.

If you are not a Sorocred customer, you will need to go through a credit analysis that lasts up to 24 hours before you know if you can get your loan.

If the proposal is accepted, you receive your credit and can pay your payment up to 15 times.

Personal credit is worth more than the credit card for those who need more money or are not in such a good financial condition. This is because the modality has lower interest rates.

But if the purchase price is lower, the credit card can also be useful to pay off the debt.

How to make a loan?

Some data need to be informed when applying for your loan, they are:

  • RG;
  • CPF;
  • Proof of address;
  • Proof of income.

And with that data at hand, just get in touch with Sorocred over the phone. The company will review the application and immediately report the amount of pre-approved credit, taking into consideration how much your income.

Advantages of Personal Loan

Advantages of Sorocred Personal Loan

Sorocred’s interest rate is low compared to what other banks charge for personal loans. Their average interest rate is 4.9% but may reach 2.8% per month for Sorocred customers.

Even with the advantages it is always good to compare with other banks. Even because Sorocred has many exclusive benefits for its members, then it’s good to put it on the balance if it’s worth it to become an associate of them when it comes to getting a loan.